Education 2021

Gardeners Tool Shed       

2021 Horticulture Learning Series (Recordings)                                         

Pollinator Party                                                                                                                                         UT Publications-                                                                                                   Managing Wildlife (List of Plants that Attract Pollinators)                     Hummingbird Gardening in TN                                                                              Butterfly Gardening in TN

DIY Rain Barrel Workshop  UT Publication- Why Rain Barrels Make Sense

Native Plants for Rain Gardens & Downspout Gardens UT Publication- Native TN Rain Garden Plants

Pruning with a Purpose         UT Publication- BMPs for Pruning Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Groundcovers

Fruits for the Home Garden                     UT Publication- Disease & Insect Control in Home Fruit Plantings              University of AR Publication- Small Fruit Cultivar Recommendation

Raised Gardens                      UT Publication- Building & Using Raised Beds

Direct Seeding for Home Veggie Gardens                       UT Publication- The TN Vegetable Garden: Planning, Preparation & Planting

Growing a Cut Flower Garden                                                                                                                          UT Publication- Seed Grown Flowers for the Home Garden