Crapemyrtle Bark Scale- CMBS

CMBS is a relativity new and invasive pest that was introduced from Asia and first identified in Dallas, TX several years ago.  It has recently made its way into West TN and is an active problem in Madison County.  This pest, if gone unchecked, is a great threat to the iconic Crapemyrtle, a treasured plant in southern landscapes.  The following information is here as a resource to those who would like to learn more about this pest, how to identify, control, and reduce the spread to surrounding areas.  Stay tuned for more additions and updates!

This Just In.....

The beneficial hyperapsis ladybeetle has been spotted feeding on Crapemyrtle Bark Scale in our area.  Please take every effort to protect these predatory insects as they are a key to nature's own control of CMBS.  The adult and larva stages, both of which are predatory, look much different so be sure to check these images out and read more about the ladybeetle in thearticle from Mississippi State University Extension in the publication section below.


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