Who are Tennessee Extension Master Gardeners?

Members in the Tennessee Extension Master Gardeners programs are citizens of the local community who not only take an active interest in their own lawns, trees and gardens, but also strive to promote sound horticultrual parctices in the community. Members receive invaluble training and continuing opportunities for educaiton, then share their horticultural expertise through a wide variety of projects benefiting Madison County residents and organizations.

It is open to all persons in Madison county and surrounding areas who complete the required course of  in-depth horticultural training from Agricultural Extensions Specialists from the University of Tennessee and local experts in horticulture. In return, interns must give 40 hours of volunteer service back to the Agricultural Extension programs and their community to become a Master Gardener.

Once certified as a Tennessee Extension Master Gardener, you must continue to give 25 hours of volunteer service to the program and attend educational sessions each subsequent year to become re-certified as a Tennessee Extension Master Gardener.

There are nearly 100 active, certified Tennessee Extension Master Gardeners in Madison County. The Madison County program began in 1995 and the class schedule runs each September through December with sessions once a week.