TN Extension Master Gardener Mission

"Improve the live of Tennesseans through horticulture education delivered by a dedicated and skilled volunteer network"

What do TEMGs Do?                                                                                                                                                                TEMGs are trained volunteer that serve to educate the public in the area of horticulture with research based information.  We are involved with the community in many ways: Speaking for and working with civic organizations and community groups, hosting educational booths at community events, hosting plant sales & field days, teaching classes, managing beautification projects, and more!! 

Who are Tennessee Extension Master Gardeners?                                                                                                       TEMGs are citizens of the local community who not only take an active interest in their landscapes and natural areas, but also strive to promote sound horticulture practices in the community. Members receive invaluable training and ongoing opportunities for education.  They share their horticultural expertise through a wide variety of projects benefiting residents and organizations in our local community.

How do you become a Tennessee Extension Master Gardener?                                                                                           This volunteer program is open to all persons in Madison county and surrounding areas who complete the required course of  in-depth horticultural training organized and facilitated by our local Horticulture Extension Agent who also serves as our local TEMG program coordinator.  After completion of educational training, trainees then contribute 40 hours of volunteer service in horticulture related areas back to our community.  After education and service requirements are completed, trainees are eligible for certification.

Once certified as a Tennessee Extension Master Gardener, members continue to give 25 hours of volunteer service to the program and maintain at least 8 hours of continued education each year to maintain certification as a TEMG.

We have over 200 certified Tennessee Extension Master Gardeners in Madison County and the program continues to grow.  We hope that you decide to come GROW with us!