Article 1: Name
The name of the Association shall be MASTER GARDENERS OF MADISON COUNTY, TENNESSEE.

Article 2: Purpose
The purpose of the Association shall be to support and engage in the projects and activities which will foster horticulture, horticulture related activities or any other projects and activities which it may deem to be advisable to engage in and which will enhance the quality of life of the residents of Madison County, Tennessee.  Such projects and activities shall be in cooperation with the Extension Service, University of Tennessee.

Article 3: Prohibitive

  1. The Association shall not intervene in or participate in any campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  2. No member shall use the title MASTER GARDENER to benefit themselves in any commercial endeavor or for material gain.

Article IV: Terms of Existence of the Association

  1. The Association shall have a perpetual existence, but may be reorganized or have the form of its organization changed in compliance with these Rules and Bylaws.
  2. All Association business, including, but not limited to, dues, certification, re-certification, and officer/director terms, will be on a calendar year basis.

Article V: Membership

  1. The Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons who have completed the required course of study including the required volunteer hours and had the title of MASTER GARDENER conferred upon them by the Extension Service, University of Tennessee or by any other state.
  2. Annual re-certification requirements shall be determined by the recommendation of the Board of Directors and the approval of the Membership Association.
  3. Master Gardeners, according to Article V, Sections 1 and 2, are the only qualified voting members. Master Gardener candidates are note eligible to vote.
  4. Honorary Memberships shall be granted by the Officers of the Association to all persons who have had the title do Honorary Master Gardener conferred upon them by the Extension Service, University of Tennessee.  Honorary Master Gardeners shall have the rights and privileges of Master Gardeners except they shall not have the right to vote in elections or business of the Association.
  5. The Board of Directors, after considering all pertinent circumstances, may waive the services requirement for volunteer hours for annual re-certification for any Master Gardener.


  1. To collect, receive, hold, manage, invest, an expend dues and donations consistent with the purposes of the Association.
  2. To empoly agents, and enlist the services of independent contractors, paying to each, reasonable conpensation for services provided.
  3. To incorporate as a nonprofit organization.
  4. To perform all other lawful powers, deeds and acts consistent with the purposes of the Association.


    The business affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Board of Directors. No board member or other member of the Association shall make or cause to be made any statement directly reflecting or tending to reflect the position, views or opinion of the Associations unless such statement is in the form of a written resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the Association by a majority vote of those members present and voting (see Article VIII, section 3). Nothing herein shall restrict or prevent any Board member or other member from announcing any meeting, project, event or activity which is consistent with the purpose of the Association.  


  1. Monthly meetings of the Association shall be held in the auditorium of the Agriculture Extension Center, North Parkway, unless otherwise announced.
  2. Annual elections of the Association shall be held during a regularly scheduled general membership meeting to coincide with the ending of the calendar year.
  3. A quorum shall consist of nine (9) members of the Association, of which at least two (2) members must be Board members. No business of the Association shall be conducted without a quorum present.


  1. The Board of Directors consists of nine elected members of the Association including four officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and five directors-at-large.  Board members shall be expected to attend regularly scheduled Board meetings.
  2. The Madison County Extension Agent shall serve the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity with no voting privileges.
  3. Time served in each office shall note exceed two (2) consecutives terms.  The terms of the office shall be as follows:
    President (1 year), Vice President/President-Elect (1 year), Secretary (1 year), Treasurer (1 year), Directors-at-large (2 years).
  4. The Board of Directors shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee.  The President will appoint all board members of the Nominating Committee from the membership at large.
  5. A slate of nominees for the Board of Directors will be announced by the Nominating Committee and voted upon by the Membership of the Association during a regularly scheduled general membership meeting.  Nominations from the floor may be heard at this time.  Only those offices with additional nominations will be voted upon individually.
  6. Members of the Board of Directors and officers will be installed at a regularly scheduled general membership meeting to coincide with the beginning of the new calendar year.
  7. All nominees for the Board of Directors must be members in good standing.
  8. Members at large may attend Board of Directors meetings with prior notification of any Board member or by invitation of any Board member.


  1. The PRESIDENT: (a) shall be the presiding officer at all of the Association and Board of Directors meetings
    (b) shall appoint special committees and chairpersons of committees as needed, (c) shall serve as liaison to the community and to the County and State Extension Services.
  2. The VICE PRESIDENT:  (a) shall serve as President elect for 1 year, then succeed to be President the following year.
    (b) shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absences and assume the office of President if the President vacates office prior the end of his or her term for any reason.
  3. The SECRETARY:  (a) shall keep minutes of Association and Board of Directors meetings.  (b)  shall keep a current list of members names and addresses, including Master Gardeners and candidates. (c)  shall work in cooperation with the newsletter editor (5) shall monitor volunteer hours completed by members required for certification and recertification. This responsibility may be delegated to other members of the association.
  4. The TREASURER:  (a) shall be responsible for the collection, receiving, holding, managing, investing, and expending of monies of the Association  which include, but are not limited to, dues, if assessed, monies from gifts, monies earned through Association participation in activities, and monies from other fund raising activities in which the Association may participate.  (b) shall pay all legitimate obligations of the Association in a timely manner, in cooperation with the County Extension Agent.  All investments will be approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. The DIRECTORS:  (a) shall serve as advisors to the Association and assume duties and responsibilities deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.  (b) shall serve on committees as appointed by the President. 
  6. Any member may serve as Newsletter Editor, Historian or Program Chairperson or in any other capacity on any committee designated by the President.
  7. In the event that a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, prior to the completion of a designated term, such vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term by a member approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Amount and payment schedule of dues shall be recommended by the Board of Directors, and approved by a vote of the membership.


The procedure for amending these Rules and Bylaws shall be as follows:

  • Any proposed amendment to these Rules and Bylaws shall be reduced to writing, in resolution form, given to each member and read to the membership during at least one meeting before a vote is taken on the proposed amendments.
  • A copy of the resolution of the proposed amendment, in its entirety, shall be mailed to the members at the times of the mailing of the notice of the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  • These Rules and Bylaws shall be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, a quorum being required, at any monthly meeting subject to the limitations set forth herein.